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Let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the highest sound quality, the finest attention to detail and unique instruments. Based on the Native Instruments KONTAKT Platform for maximum flexibility.

Inspiration through precision

For more than 15 years, Prime Studio has been offering the highest quality services in music and post-production, as well as software audio plug-ins in collaboration with Acustica Audio.

Driven by our musical and technical quality standards, we are now continuously expanding our product range by developing virtual instruments based on sample recordings of unique acoustic and electronic instruments with an incomparable history and outstanding sound character.


The Ravenscroft 220 VI Performance Grand Piano, based on Native Instruments KONTAKT, is a joint venture product of Prime Studio GmbH and Ravenscroft Pianos. Let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the highest sound quality and the finest attention to detail of this wonderful instrument.
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We are pleased to introduce the Ravenscroft 220 VI, our first virtual performance grand piano based on the Native Instruments KONTAKT Platform, developed from a joint venture between Ravenscroft Pianos and Prime Studio.

The sample library was created based on the Ravenscroft 220 Grand Performance Piano, which is currently the only one in the world outside the USA. With its diverse functions and detailed samples, the virtual instrument offers an incomparable replica of the original instrument. Let the Ravenscroft 220 VI inspire your daily performance.


With An Inspired Design... Comes Inspired Performance...

Following the success of our Ravenscroft 275 Acoustic Piano, introduced in 2009, and its subsequent digitization by VI Labs Audio in 2014, Ravenscroft Pianos continues to focus an handcrafting the finest pianos in the world from its new headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Artists around the globe have benefitted, and enjoyed our unique philosophy as the only acoustic piano manufacturer that endorses, licenses, or joint ventures, in a direct-sponsored arrangement, for the digital sampling of every size piano that they produce.

VI Labs Audio was selected to sample the 275 Performance Grand Piano, an instrument built specifically for that recording project. This fusion of VI Labs Audio and Ravenscroft Pianos became a triumph in Virtual Instruments. The UVl-based result continues to be one of the top produced VI products globally and is the gold standard as the "go-to" for discriminating artists.


Thoughts Are Powers To Bring New Things To Life... .

In working together with Acustica Audio we introduced our first series of measured sample based audio plug-ins in 2015. While constantly going further to come closest to the original sound of remarkable analog signal chains and to offer their sound character as unique digital plug-ins for todays ever speeding up audio productions, we have also concentrated on expanding our product range in another segment of digital tools to further complement the production workflow and audio quality of compositions.

Partnering in a joint venture with Ravenscroft Pianos we have been working on two remarkable virtual instrument products, based on the Native Instruments Kontakt platform, to perpetuate the precision of the craftmanship and the uncompareable sound of the Ravenscroft 220 Acoustic Piano, making it available in the digital domain. These virtual instruments are based on the Swarovski-Edition Ravenscroft 220 which is proudly available in Prime Studio A, being the first ever available Ravenscroft Piano outside of the USA here in Austria.

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The Ravenscroft 220 VI

Dive into the story of the development of the Ravenscroft 220 VI Performance Grand Piano. Michael Spreeman, Gerhard Buchbauer and Björn Heitzer talk about how the joint venture between Prime Studio and Ravenscroft Pianos started and how the their vision became reality.