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EMI Pathé Marconi

EMI Pathé Marconi

This is the historic 24 channel "large format console" from EMI / Pathe Marconi, designed & built for the studio of the same name.

Unique in its kind - unique in the world.

This more than special console comes out of the late 60´s.
Pathe Marconi is the name of the studio and Boulogne Billancourt the place, south west of Paris, after the Porte d'Auteuil near Parc des Princes and the Roland Garros tennis stadium.

Also the Beatles dropped in to Pathe Marconi Studios in January 1964…

EMI's West German imprint, Electrola Gesellschaft, had been attempting to convince Brian Epstein and George Martin that they could only sell Beatles records if they were in German.
The session had originally been scheduled to take place on 27 January 1964, but The Beatles had proved reluctant to attend. George Martin eventually persuaded them to fulfil the obligation, and so they entered the Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris to record new versions of their two biggest hits. They recorded new vocals for “She Loves You”,”’I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Can’t Buy Me Love”

The Rolling Stones show up in the studio in 1982. At this time it was their second home. A kind of new Olympic studios for them.