The Prime Studio® Team

Music and film are artistical snapshots created for listeners and spectators to first and foremost evoke – emotions.

It is our philosophy to kindle these feelings from the very beginning of a production and to elaborate it with our sparkle.

In times of sheer endless data throughput and storage capacity it is obvious to us offering you even faster engineering of productions in the highest no compromise quality – worldwide or in the studio.

Take the step ahead and benefit from our outstanding Online Services.

You can even choose from our historic mixing consoles and vintage equipment to incorporate the sound of countless world hits into your own production.

We are very much looking forward refining your productions.

Your Prime Studio® Team

Gerhard Buchbauer
Björn Heitzer



… is the founder and CEO of Prime Studio®. Besides this he is platinum awarded engineer & owner of the Berkleemusic professional certificate in studio production.

Gerhard has been in the professional music business since 25 years, first as musician later on as recording, mixing & mastering engineer.

He did a lot of music and post production engineering for various customers and artists like Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH, Blumentopf, Carina, Dan Delaney, DJ Sepalot, Dominik Plangger, Father Ray Kelly, George Massenburg, Geos Film, Gilbert, Gregg Bissonette, Heidi Aboab, High South, Jamey Garner, Jeff Taylor, Jesper Munk, Kevin Campus, Kirk Andrés Wilson, Knick Smith, Matt Bissonette, Matt Rollings, Matthew Pittman, Marc Copely, Mick Rogers, Michael Landau, Ravenscroft Pianos, Peter Ratzenbeck, Sarah Koell, Semino Rossi, Semino Rossi Band and many others.